I started writing my first blog as a teenager, when it was still an extremely nerdy thing to do. That one does not exist anymore (which is a good thing), but once in a while I like to share my thoughts here or tell you about some of my projects.

  • In the summer of 2020, Einat Aronstein, Nora Matthies, Avinoam Shalev and me united to record our first album "The Habsburg Garden of Eden" with Brilliant Classics. For four intense days of recording we retreated to the beautiful Edelhof-Kapelle just outside the city of Hannover with our sound engineer, and the result is finally ready to be shared.

  • My spring travels took me to Scotland and through the Netherlands, and I would like to share two press reviews as well as some thoughts on the music I performed.

  • A few weeks after the lockdown began, my colleague and dear friend Matthea de Muynck and I started to play violin duos together. At first it was just a good reason to get the instrument out and stay in shape, but we quickly realized how important it was to us to have someone to play with, since music is ultimately a shared experience, as we all know…

  • In the last couple of weeks, I have spent much of my time looking at the numbers of this pandemic, trying to get a grip on the scale of the current events. After a bit of research about epidemics in general and this one in particular, I came to the conclusion that there is a considerable chance that we will face restrictions to our profession until there is a vaccine or effective medication available, and possibly even quite a bit longer, since vaccinating 60% of the population cannot be done on one weekend.